Business Model

Everything Halaal Business Model Is Fourfold:
1. Firstly The Core -Everything Halaal aims to be to be the leading Islamic venture capital company in South Africa /Africa, helping to drive Muslim business growth, and support social and economic development needs of Muslims. We aim to maximize shareholders’ value and clients’ wealth, and add a new dimension to the Islamic venture capital industry.

2. Secondly - everything Halaal is South Africa's/ Africa biggest independent online Muslim company focused on Halaal online products like Halaal e-commerce, Halaal payment gateway, Halaal/ Islamic online currency, Halaal advertising, Halaal business development, Halaal cloud and app development, Networking of Muslim consumers, Muslim businesses development , Muslim employees Halaal labour relations , Muslim women and youth development .

3. Thirdly – everything will be used throughout Africa and will truly be reflective of a united AfricaHalaal strives to be the number one Halaal certification company in SouthAfrica / Africa by creating standardized Halaal policies, Halaal methodologies and Halaal training and development

4. Fourthly–Islamic CSI–Corporate Social Investment -Our purpose is to catalyze socio economic change. We provide end-to-end strategic Islamic corporate social investment solutions, informed by our real world experience and our deep understanding of South Africa / Africa's social landscapes

Everything Halaal aim to create a pioneering business model and take a leadership role in Islamic venture capital in South Africa and the rest of Africa. By forging enduring strategic partnerships, we aim to provide support and encouragement for the growth and development of the underserved small-to-medium enterprises (smes) which lacks the necessary resources for growth and expansion.
We have created a platform for Muslim brands and services to reach new markets and deal directly with high-value clients .we are a multi facet company that specializes in Muslim entrepreneurship, Muslim empowerment, Islamic branding and advertising with only one aim and that is "To Create Muslim Wealth"